Vienna, without a doubt, is a great place to spend your uni years!
With a heap of public and private universities as well as other academic institutions, the city is with more than 150.000 students the largest student hub in the German speaking countries, by far.

A Brief Introduction

This introduction to the Austrian university system gives you all the insights into the structure and duration of degree programs, the way lectures and exams are done, and how you will be graded. You will also find out everything about the structure of an academic year here.

Administrative Details

This section covers a few of the administrative processes you will need to engage in. Here, for example, you will get to know how the mandatory residence registration in Vienna is reviewed, how to enrol and register at university, and how to best deal with the ECTS-system.

Universities in Vienna

Here you can find handy links to all universities in Vienna. For ease of use, we have grouped them into public and private universities as well as colleges/Universities of Applied Sciences (= Fachhochschule).

Exchange Students in Vienna

Click here for all essential information exchange students who plan on spending some time at a university in Vienna. This mainly concerns students doing programs such as Erasmus, Joint Study, or Fulbright.

German Language

Depending on the university you will attend, your field of study and the particular classes you choose or need to do, you will need varying degrees of German proficiency in order to navigate the curriculum, talk to lecturers and peers, and pass exams. The better your command of the German language, the easier you will find the experience of studying (and, maybe more importantly, living) in Vienna. Here you can find information on the various language courses offered by universities, language classes, as well as other methods of learning the language.

Exchange Student Reviews

Here you can find reviews and experiences of former exchange students. This is a great source for insider infos and helpful tips and tricks for settling in quicker from those who have been through your experience before.

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