Vienna’s Easter markets have a lot that argues for visiting them: colourful easter decorations, lovingly decorated eggs, a whole wealth of traditional food and -usually- much friendlier weather than during the Christmas market season.

Traditional Easter markets are way less common than the Viennese Christkindlmarkts, but the few that pop up in the city for a few weeks before Easter Sunday are well worth a stroll or five. The stalls offerings of seasonal gifts, traditional crafts and super yummy treats are a welcome way of ringing in spring in the city.

Easter Markets 2020

Schönbrunn Castle

The market with around 70 stalls taking place in front of Schönbrunn castle is considered to be the most romantic of Vienna’s Easter markets.

Here, the focus lies on handicrafts, traditional Easter ornaments, as well as original gifts. But there’s an extensive program for children as well – kids can experience the Easter Bunny Workshop, where they’ll shape marzipan bunnies and create flower arrangements, while their parents browse the market.

And all of this is topped off with a very tasty selection of traditional Easter treats from all over the region.

When: March 28 – April 14, 2020
Opening hours: daily 10 am – 6 pm
Where: Schönbrunn Castle, 1130 Vienna
Web: Ostermarkt Schloss Schönbrunn // Schönbrunn Castle

Altwiener Ostermarkt

Located on the Freyung, one of the most beautiful squares in Vienna, this traditional market (the name basically translates to “Old-Viennese Easter market”, which really tells you all you need to know) specialises in all that’s good and has been around for a while.

There’s traditional crafts, a lot of seasonal food from the region (roasted Easter lamb as well as Osterpinze bread, to name just a few), beautiful flower arrangements, and the biggest tower of painted easter eggs in Europe (we’re not sure this is an Old-Viennese tradition, but it’s remarkable in any way).

There is also a small Easter Workshop for children, as well as a puppetry theatre.

When: March 27 – April 13, 2020
Opening hours: daily 10 am – 7:30 pm
Where: Freyung, 1010 Vienna
Web: Altwiener Ostermarkt

Am Hof

This beautiful Easter market Am Hof has a focus on handcrafted goods and contemporary artwork. Guests can discover a wide variety of crafts, ranging from delicately painted Easter eggs, to soaps, candles, ceramics, pottery, knitwear, jewellery, wood cravings and much, much more.

And once you’re finished browsing, a truly mouth-watering selection of culinary goods await to be tasted. There’s wine, nougat, baked goods, chocolate, cheese, Baumkuchen, coffee, pastries, hearty food, baked potatoes, and so much more. And yes, there even is a champagne bar!

When: March 27 – April 13, 2020
Opening hours: Mon – Thu: 11 am – 8 pm; Fri – Sun & holidays: 10 am – 8 pm; culinary stands open until 9 pm
Where: Am Hof, 1010 Vienna
Web: Ostermarkt Am Hof

And a last word of advice: whichever market you choose to visit, make sure to check out the traditional Osterpinze treat. It’s well worth it!

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