This year’s Donauinselfest takes place from 21st till 23rd June 2024.

Each June the Donauinsel, Vienna’s artificial island in the Danube, becomes the site of Europe’s biggest open air festival. Performances by both national and international artists are staged in a 4.5 km long area. The program offers about 600 hours of entertainment on 10 stages and 18 tents. For free!

Since its first establishment in 1984, the festival has steadily grown in popularity and annually welcomes around 3 million guests. Performances include (Austro-) pop and rock, alternative and indie, punk and “Volksmusik”, hip-hop, and oldies. And there’s cabaret, sports, as well as a (small) amusement park.

And, of course, no Viennese festival would be possible without a big selection of hefty and sweet foods, sodas, beer, and whatever else your tastebuds might desire on a three-day-concert-binge.

Donauinselfest 2020

Finally, the first details about the DIF20 have been released – the long awaited date: June 26 – 28, 2020!

Further information as well as the line-up (online from the middle of May) can be found on the official website. (If you are somewhat proficient in German, we suggest switching languages as the page is more in depth that way.)

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