Vienna loves its public swimming pools, and particularly its outdoor venues during the hot summer months. Most of the pools are owned by the municipality, which means that they are generally well maintained and enjoy a very high standard. 

Virtually every swimming pool in Vienna consists of several pools of different sizes, depths, and (often) temperatures, and most also offer a separate toddlers’ pool.

Outdoor pools are typically surrounded by meadows that are (partially) shaded by trees and bushes, as well as sports grounds (mostly soccer and beach volleyball, sometimes tennis). Most venues come with one or more restaurants (ranging from rather basic pub-type locales to high end gastronomy), and there is always a buffet selling cold drinks, sandwiches, and ice cream at the very least. Usually you can get small necessities like newspapers, sun screen, and floaties at those kiosks as well.

A few bits of general information:

  • Indoor pools are in season all year round;
  • Outdoor/summer pool season: May to mid-September;
  • Opening hours: vary from pool to pool (check websites!); generally speaking somewhere between 8 am and 9 pm;
  • Admission charge: privately run baths: see homepage; municipal baths: 5,90 EUR per day for adults; reduced prices for kids, students, seniors, etc. are available; monthly and seasonal passes come to discounted prices as well;
  • General information, opening hours, and prices of public baths can be found here.

To help you dip your feet into some body of water as soon as possible, we have curated a list of some of Vienna’s most popular public swimming pools here:


The Krapfenwaldlbad is probably the best-known, most popular, and certainly most idyllic of all outdoor pools in Vienna. The somewhat posh venue has a lovely historic charm (wooden buildings from 1923!) and offers the most stunning view over Vienna.

Where: Krapfenwaldgasse 65-73; 1190 Vienna
Phone: +43 1 320 15 01
Web: Krapfenwaldlbad


The Strandbad Gänsehäufel has opened its doors for the first time in 1900, and has stayed a favourite of the Viennese ever since. Located on an island on the Alte Donau, an old Danube creek, this bath spans over a vast expanse and is a true recreational area with bars, shops, sports facilities and much, much more.

Where: Moissigasse 21; 1220 Vienna
Phone: +43 1 269 90 16
Web: Standbad Gänsehäufel or Gänsehäufel

Hietzinger Bad

This bath offers a nice indoor section as well as several outdoor pools that are located within a large recreational area (think beach volleyball court and waterslide). It can be found in a rather upscale neighbourhood in the western part of Vienna and has been built in the late 1970s (no worries, there have been renovations recently). 

Where: Atzgersdorfer Straße 14; 1130 Vienna
Phone: +43 1 804 53 19
Web: Hietzinger Bad


The Stadthallenbad is an indoor pool that is part of the Standthalle-complex, a concert and sports venue in the 15th district. Built in 1974 for the European Swimming Championship, this pool is on the functional side and caters to a more sport- and fitness oriented clientele.

Where: Hütteldorferstraße 2H; 1150 Vienna
Phone: +43 1 890 17 64 890
Web: Stadthhallenbad


This is one of the largest open air swimming pool in Vienna, but it is more than that: with a 50m long course pool, a 10m diving platform, a wave pool, several children’s pools, several sport grounds, shops and restaurants, this is a true recreational centre. Despite its size, this public bath gets really crowded on a nice summer’s day.

Where: Ludwig-von-Höhnel-Gasse 2; 1100 Vienna
Phone: +43 1 688 23 35
Web: Laaerbergbad


This is the place to go for everyone who loves a truly sport-y experience in extraordinary surroundings. Located in the park of Schönbrunn castle, this outdoor bath boasts a 50m long course for those who really want to swim, a more comfortable family pool as well as a kid’s pool. The real gimmick, though, is the small but very functional gym and sauna that visitors of the bath can make use of. Is there anything better than jumping into a refreshing pool after getting a good workout done? No, visitors of this bath don’t think so, either.

Where: Schlosspark Schönbrunn; 1130 Vienna
Phone: +43 1 817 53 53
Web: Schönbrunnerbad


Located in a fairly upscale neighbourhood on the Schafberg hill, this pool enjoys great views without being overrun. Visited mainly by a younger crowd and families, this bath also comes with a very extensive sports offering – you can join in the aqua aerobics classes, play some beach volleyball, enjoy a round or two of mini golf or try your hand at table tennis, to name but a few possibilities.

Where: Josef-Redl-Gasse 2; 1180 Vienna
Phone: +43 1 479 15 93
Web: Schafbergbad


With its iconic red-and-white buildings, which are dating back as far as 1928, this municipal pool in the western part of the city, in Ottakring, is a true gem. The pools, water slides and diverse sports facilities are enjoyed by a diverse and multicultural crowd that knows how to enjoy long summer days.

Where: Julius-Meinl-Gasse 7a; 1160 Vienna
Phone: +43 1 486 11 63
Web: Kongreßbad


First opened in 1931, the Stadionbad, located right next to the Ernst-Happel Stadion, quickly became a well-known and well-liked sports venue. One of the largest open air pools in Europe, it does not only feature a long course swimming pool, but also long water slides, a wave pool, a children’s corner, shops and restaurants and much more. Here you meet a diverse crowd of multicultural background and with varying fitness levels.

Where: Meiereistraße 7, 1020 Vienna
Phone: +43 1 720 21 02
Web: Stadionbad  

Therme Wien

Making use of a thermally active region south of the city, Vienna can offer its very own thermal spa. A sulphur spring supplies warm water (from 32° to 36°C) for the pools year-round and builds the basis of this truly magnificent city spa. The Therme Wien offers a stunning 4.000m² of pool space, a sauna area of 3.000m², a 6.000m² healthcare and wellness centre, as well as a 1,200m² gym.  This spa caters to your every need and is sure to leave you relaxed and ready to face whatever life has in store for you!

Where: Kurbadstraße 14; 1100 Vienna 
Phone: +43 1 680 09 96 00
Web: Therme Wien 

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