Vienna definitely is a very good place to spend your student days!
With a heap of state and private universities and other academic institutions, the city is by far the largest student hub in the German speaking region, accomodating approx. 130.000 students.

Nevertheless you will be required to have a good command of German to be able to follow the curriculum and successfully pass your exams (unless you are studying at an institution such as Webster University Vienna where courses are held in English).

Language Courses at University

Most of the Austrian universities are offering German language courses for their exchange students at reasonable prices.
Please refer to the Student Mobility Office of your institution for detaillied information about costs and timeframe of these courses.

Language Schools in Vienna

It might be a very good idea to start your term here in Vienna with an intensive language course in one of the language schools in town. One of the best choices definitely is a German course at the IKI Vienna (Internationales Kulturinstitut Wien):
They are offering intensive courses (5 days per week, 4 weeks in total) to jumpstart your stay here in Vienna or evening classes (twice a week in the evening, 10 weeks duration) during the semester.

Another excellent option is the INNES Vienna, providing high-quality German language courses and ÖSD exams (standardized German language course for the admission to all universities in German speaking countries) for students, academics and professionals. Courses have a maximum of 16 participants who are experienced in learning and studying efficiently, which allows speedy progress and fast successes..

“Tandem” Learning German

This popular system is based on mutual language exchange between students: Native speakers pair up, each being interested to improve his command of the respective other language.
Works fine, gives you the opportunity to practise your language skills and to gain insights not only into the language, but into culture and thinking as well – and of course its free of charge!
Interested? Let us know and give it a try!

Useful Web-Ressources for German

There are a couple of very useful websites linked to the use or practise of the German language:

Full immersion into German language and culture

Live a language experience that takes you to the roots of Austrian culture: make a full immersion in a language school in Vienna.
You will not only study the German language with experienced professors, you will live and study in the heart of the city and put your language skills in practice in every moment of your program: with organized social activities, sports and tours around the city.
No matter what your level of German is, you will be able to face language challenges every hour every day, which will take you to incorporating the language little by little in your daily life.
Get more information about this German language program in Vienna and learn German for a lifetime!

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