Within this review section former exchange students to Vienna share their stories, experiences and opinions with you. Enjoy!

An exchange student’s experience at MU

A UK Student in Vienna

Having studied at a 15,000-student university in England, I opted for an Erasmus exchange at MU Vienna. Here, there are just 250 of us and I like the flexibility on offer. We had an orientation week together with the first year students and afterwards I attended a mix of mostly upper-year courses. I got the chance to meet uniquely qualified experts in various fields of business and the specialized knowledge I have acquired is, in my opinion, achievable at only a few universities in the world.
All the exchange students (together with some full-time students) are housed at Haus Panorama, a huge 17-storey building between the city centre and Kahlenberg. Here, we cook together, go on trips and schmooze around Vienna. It’s a great city with many nice sightseeing locations and there’s always something new to discover, be it the gardens of Schönbrunn Palace in autumn or the Christmas markets in winter. We always come back happy that we are here! So far I feel that I’m experiencing the very best of the slogan “Vienna: Now or Never”.

Jonas from the UK

Special thanks for this text contribution to MU Vienna!