Within this review section former exchange students to Vienna share their stories, experiences and opinions with you. Enjoy!

Vienna Impressions

An exchange student from Mexico at the WU Vienna

Hello! My name is Sergio, I am a mexican economist. I studied in Vienna at the WU Wien. I really had a good time in the capital city of Austria, since I arrived a very kind group of buddies helped me at the airport, with my accomodation and by giving me all the information that an exchange student requires.
My impression of Vienna was amazing, a very beautiful and organized city with wonderful constructions full of history. The viennese transport system is clean and efficient. Also it is important to remark that in Vienna you feel secure everytime. I spent my semester in a residence for students from many parts of the world: Austria, Spain, Italy, Singapore, United States so I could share experiences with people of different cultures.
Regarding the language I could practice german with my austrian buddies, my tandem partner and by facing the situations of a normal day in Vienna: buying food at the market, at the university, to get a ticket or asking a question to the habitants of the city.
Also my experience at the Wirtschaftsuniversität was great, I took five courses with very interesting contents, for instance: economics, regional development and european law. The professors and the educational system are quite effective in Austria.
The university has a Buddy Network which organized activities for exchange students with the purpose to get deep into the lifestyle of the viennese people and taking advantage of the strategic location of Austria in the center of Europe, they designed trips for us to destinations like Budapest, Prague and Munich.
In general I can say that my experience in Vienna has been the greatest of my life and I keep unforgettable memories of it.

Sergio from Mexico City, Mexico