Within this review section former exchange students to Vienna share their stories, experiences and opinions with you.
Make sure you read this experience report by a Canadian exchange student before starting your term at the Vienna University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (aka BOKU Vienna)!
Please note that this report gives the personal experience of this student when she was in Vienna some time ago. Costs of living, visa regulations, etc. may have changed since then – make sure to double-check before coming to Vienna!

Studying at BOKU Vienna

A student from Ontario at the Universität für Bodenkultur Wien

Living in Vienna, studying at BOKU was a great experience! There were plenty of handson opportunities and excursions, and I was able to learn about completely different wildlife and management practices in Austria.
I studied in a relaxed atmosphere with some very knowledgeable professors and lots of international students; it was a great opportunity to learn about other cultures and practice different languages. The people I met were the best part of the whole experience!
Vienna is a beautiful city also, with a rich history and charming architecture. The cafes, museums and people are all unforgettable. I hope to keep in touch with the friends I made and see them in the near future!

Jessica from Ontario, Canada